Elica - MIG Active Shield 70

About us

Elica Ltd. was founded in 2003 as a family company. The inventor, Mr. Panaya, is welding engineer with more than 30 years in the real welding. The concept for our main product arose in the field of real MIG robotic and mechanized welding, where the need for protection against welding spatters, is acute and continuous.

Since the first successful device was introduced, a number of more advanced models have been developed, tested and put on the market.

The first device is initially designed to generate a protective anti spatter mist that continuously protects the welding gun to accumulate spatters. During the tests it is noticed that the protective mist has a positive effect of reducing spatters on the welded parts. Now, after many years of in-depth research and experimentation, Elica’s products have consolidated their unique properties.

  • This new MIG Anti Spatter technology can be combined with other existing anti spatter methods. The goal is the same – to fight spatters.
  • Under Elica’s brand name, our MIG anti spatter technology has become the product of choice at many industries around the world.