MIG Active Shield 70


MIG Active Shield 70 - Model

      This is a new generation MIG Anti Spatter device which ones installed in the gas line of a welding robot or welding automated station, generates a protective anti spatter mist during welding. An electrostatic generator adds electrostatic charge to the fine droplets of the protective mist. The electrostatically charged protective mist passes through the welding gun continuously protects both the welding gun and welded details from welding spatters. In this way, an active shield is generated each time the welding is started. The device is autonomous and integrated into the welding equipment.


  • As the robot moves and tilts, the position of the device installed to it also changes.
  • Changing the position of the device must be ensured within the range +45 to -45 degree .
  • To ensure this the device is installed on the robot as shown.

MIG Active Shield 70 - In use

  • The installation position of the device when mounted on a non-robot welding station may be vertical

MIG Active Shield 70 - Model


The MIG Active Shield device needs to be powered up. The power supply is designed to be taken from the terminals of the gas solenoid /usually placed inside the wire feeder/. This ensures that the device is activated every time the welding is started.

Important: The gas solenoid must provide an operating voltage in the range 12 – 80 V AC/DC. The operating voltage should be measured on site when the gas solenoid is activated.

Important: If the operating voltage of the gas solenoid is out of this range then the Active Shield device cannot be effectively powered up. In this case we offer our standard product – MIG Transit Sprayer 70. Also in such of case we can offer creating a specific solution tailored to the client’s parameters.

  • The operating voltage of the gas solenoid is adapted to the operating voltage of MIG Active Shield device by an Adapter 8012
  • The Electrical Power Connections you can find in User Manual

MIG Active Shield 70 - Parts for powering

Working Fluid

The Active Shield fluid is made up of special ingredients with numerous precise rations.

  • The fluid is produced in a special way and a sequence of technological periods.
  • The fluid properties are in a special relationship with the parameters of the device
  • The fluid is eco-focused. More than 80 % of the ingredients are natural products
  • The fluid is supplied in 70 ml plastic refills
  • Just one filling of the device with 70 ml fluid is enough for the time your robot consumes about 250 kg of welding wire
  • Shake before use

Elica's Active Shield Fluid - anti-spatter


User Manual

  • Download the User Manual here