MIG Transit Sprayer 70


MIG Transit Sprayer -Elica

This is a new generation MIG Anti Spatter device which ones installed in the gas line of a welding robot or welding automated station, generates a protective anti spatter mist during welding.

MIG Transit Sprayer - front photo
MIG Transit Sprayer - back image
MIG Transit Sprayer - top image


  • As the robot moves and tilts, the position of the device installed to it also changes.
  • Changing the position of the device must be ensured within the range +45 to -45 degree .
  • To ensure this the device is installed on the robot as shown.

MIG Transit sprayer - in use

  • The installation position of the device when mounted on a non-robot welding station may be vertical

MIG Transit Sprayer 70 - model

Working Fluid

  • The MIG Transit fluid is made up of special ingredients with numerous precise rations.
  • The fluid is produced in a special way and a sequence of technological periods.
  • The fluid properties are in a special relationship with the parameters of the device.
  • The fluid is eco-focused . More than 80 % of the ingredients are natural products.
  • The fluid is supplied in 70 ml plastic refills.
  • Just one filling of the device with 70 ml fluid is enough for the time your robot consumes about 250 kg of welding wire.


User Manual

  • Download the User Manual here